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Hello May! What a surprise!

It's already the third of May (with tomorrow being Star Wars Day - it's too soon!) We have the last cafeteria calendar for the school year (with the three June dates stuffed on the bottom row). The senior countdown is less than 20 days (I think it's 15). Time seems to be soaring at this point.

With that in mind, I'm running out of time to collect moolah for Relay for Life. If you're interested and haven't donated yet, check out my previous post for details. I'm just $25 shy of my goal. (Mom's actually hit her goal, despite what her webpage says, but donations to her page are just as beneficial to the American Cancer Society as donations to mine.) Maybe next year I'll be more on the ball and shoot for a higher goal. :-)

Thank you so much to those of you who donated to the cause! Mom and I really appreciate the contributions. (Greg, if you didn't notice, mom wrote a personal thanks to you on the previous entry. Since she was anonymous, it was originally screened, so I don't know if it was forwarded on to your or not.)

With physics doing current electricity, chemistry making molecular models, and advanced problems in science doing the Mentos & Diet Coke reaction, things are exciting in science at school. Go science!

This Thursday will be my last weigh-in for our current session of WeightWatchers. Dunno if we're doing it again. I'm just under 2 pounds shy of my 12-week goal. Maybe if I eat nothing until then, I'll lose those last 2 and then get my money back. Yeah right, me not eat? Who's kidding whom?

Anyway, hope things are a little less rushed for my flist. June'll be here before I know it!
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