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Relay for Life 2011

After my introduction to Relay for Life last year (well, beyond donations, which I'd done for several years already), I decided to "officially" join this year. On May 6&7 this year, my mom's laboratory will be participating in Miami County's Relay for Life. During this time, they will have someone always walking the relay route. Mom and I will be walking on Friday evening since she's working Saturday (subbing for one of her friends recuperating from surgery). I could do the alnighter again, like I did last year, but it's mom's friends, not mine, who are there. I get on OK with them, but it won't be the same without mom.

If you've been meaning to send some money along to the American Cancer Society or have been wondering where your next donation should go to, why not contribute to my Relay for Life goal? My page is available at the Relay for Life website.

If you're feeling overly generous, mom could use some donors too.

Don't feel bad if you're not able to donate at this time. I always take my time to figure out which organizations will be getting my hard-earned money. I like what the American Cancer Society is doing for people fighting the long, hard battle, so ACS will continue to get my support. Each person has their own priorities and the ACS might not be one of yours at the moment. But if you can help out with our Relay team, we'd all appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
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