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Secret Garden

We had a reprieve during the monsoon season today and I was able to get out and take a walk this afternoon. I decided to go see my "secret garden" which I discovered last year on my walks. It's just someone's very nicely planned backyard with lotsa flowers, but to me it was a pleasant surprise on a walk one day last year. I decided it was my secret garden and it's something I like to treat myself with from time to time when walking.

I know, I should work on making my own backyard into a secret garden. But that sounds like work. Still, I am going to have someone come in and at least make my front yard purtier. (Heh heh, she said "purtier"!) I called Chaney's nursery today and told them to "put me on the list" to do the landscaping job that Curt designed.

The only real thing I asked him to change was remove a buckthorn from the plan since it's an invasive plant in Ohio. He swapped it out with a weigela that is grafted onto a tree. A mutant plant in my front yard! Booga booga boo! Here's his vision of what my front will be:

Landscape plan for the house
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