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Beautiful Day!

According to my computer, it's 82F outside, which I can well believe. All of my windows are open & letting in the fresh air. Linus is asleep on the computer desk and Lucy is asleep somewhere else in the house. 6 out of 10 windows have brand new pet-proof screens, and when the weather returns to normal, I'll have the other 4 replaced as well. (No more Linus-sized hole in the living room window - yay!)

I got the quote back on the landscaping for my house. The design looks great, but doesn't utilize native plants. (Apparently the nursery doesn't actually have many native plants to sell). Still, the quote was in my budget and I think I'm going with it after a check to make sure at least none of the plants are invasive species. (I wonder if it's even legal for nurseries to sell invasive species. No idea.)

I'll need to *sniff* have the Bradford Pear tree taken down in front. I hate to have a live tree cut down, but its twin already fell on my house and was removed and it's only time before it follows suit. I'll be getting a flame maple for my front yard which, theoretically, only gets to 20' tall.

Not going to do anything with my back yard yet. Maybe next year that can be my home improvement project. I have 2 black walnut trees in the back already (both weeds that have really taken to the place) and want at least 1 maple in the back as well. And I need a place to sit & read under a shade tree. :-)

In a bit, I'll go on a nice walk through town. Lunch today was Chinese Buffet, so I need some activity points to counteract that. Heh. (I am NOT a WeightWatchers poster child, that's for sure!)

So let's hear it for beautiful days, open windows, and sleeping kittens!
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