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A Visit to Judi's

Usually Spring Break and judiang's birthday coincide and this year is one of those years. So I have broke open my piggy bank and bought a ticket to Chicago. Today, I flew there and I'm currently sitting in her den and typing this up. She's playing Rift and her doggie (Patty) is sleeping beside me.

The drive to Columbus was uneventful this morning, though there was some snow. I discovered hoodies aren't and ideal apparel for flying since they needed to pat down my hood. Only they couldn't get a female TSA person to do it, so I had to pat myself down. I didn't find anything untoward in my hoodie.

The flight was also uneventful. I skipped lunch since the food choices were high in points, and I wanted to save my WeightWatchers points for supper. (Besides, I wasn't hungry at the time). The only eventful part of the trip was the long wait for my bag to appear. Southwest is free for checked bags, but they take a long time with 'em at Midway.

Judi met me at the train station (though I came out the wrong entrance and was across the street from her - whoops!) and we walked back to the apartment. The day was sunny and chilly - a forecast for the rest of my stay, I believe.

We vegged for a bit and chatted and Patty got all excited cuz hey, another person! Eventually, we went across the way to The Little Branch Cafe for supper. Well, lunch & supper for me. Lentil soup with goat cheese to start, followed by a Monte Cristo sandwich (basically a ham & turkey club on French toast - ish.) Judi furthered the evil by showing me the gelato choices. I picked pistaccio (with an ugly green dye-job) and chocolate. Very yummy.

On the way back, we stopped at the game room at her complex and played 3 games of pool. Judi won the first two and I lost the last game twice, followed by Judi losing it once, and then me scratching on the 8 ball to lose it for sure. If'n you don't know how it's possible to lose the same pool game 3 times, you've never played pool with me. :)

Glad to be visiting Judi again. Should be a fun time. Alas, only a small overlap with elsaf this trip, but at least there will be some overlap!
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