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Apologies to the SMASters - they'll see this in the forum as well as here.

Today (well, officially yesterday now), Mom and I went out to see a movie together (been ages since it was just the two of us - back when I was little, we did it from time to time - I remember Superman and Snoopy Come Home in particular). Originally she wanted to see Rango, but I'd mentioned a hankering to see Paul. She read the premise and decided to humor my British-obsessed self.

So we paid our $5.25 (sheesh, the price at Piqua just keeps getting higher & higher!), sat in our comfy chairs (the main reason I prefer Piqua over Troy for movie watching), watched our 15+ minutes of trailers, and eventually got to laugh mightily while watching Paul. Quite a treat and, IMO, Simon Pegg's best flick yet. I was still remembering bits & chuckling to myself when we returned to mom & dad's house.

I twigged on who The Big Guy was early on, and mom figured it out too before the flick was over. Amy (my sis) would be proud of us. She has us well trained. Best pay-off line was near the end. I almost stomped my feet in delight. :-)(Mother, of course, fwapped me. Though it wasn't the first time she did it in the movie. I apparently laugh quite loudly.)

Anyhoo, Simon & Nick (Frost) did a great job on this flick. Although you get more out of it by being a scifi geek like me (the bar scene with the big brouhaha? listen to the music playing and I bet most of you will recognize it), even folks only on the fringe of scifi geekery (like mum) can enjoy the movie as well.
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