Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

Call me Adjunct Professor!

I can't believe I haven't posted about this yet. Typical of me to forget all about the important school stuff when I get home. But there ya go...

But I thought I should let y'all know that I was accepted by Indiana University. I'll be teaching ACP Chemistry at Newton next year - woohoo! So the students who take the course & pay the tuition will get college credit in addition to high school credit.

The training for the course was for the second week in June, which meant, I thought, that I'd be able to do that and B-WISER camp this summer. However, I recently got a call from one of the camp coordinators that they had to move the camp up a week. So, for the first time in years, I won't be doing B-WISER. Alas!

Still, I'm awfully excited about the ACP thing. I don't envy the guidance counselor who's got to work out how to schedule the ACP chemistry and our usual chemistry since there's usually a "non-band chemistry" and "band chemistry" with the schedule, but the ACP sign-ups may not match the band student split.
Tags: chemistry
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