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The Februaries - not too bad this year!

Well, February decided it needed to give us one more storm before giving way to March. Yesterday we had no school due to the freezing rain and snow of Thursday night/Friday morning. So yay for the day off, but boo for winter sticking its tongue out at us again.

We actually had school last Monday to make up one of our snow days so far, and were apparently the only school in the county who met on Prez Day. But thanks to yesterday's storm, we got a 3-day weekend in February anyhoo. :-)

Usually February is my bluest month. But this Feb wasn't as bad as the past couple ones have been. I even managed to go somewhere for a weekend! Usually when I make weekend plans for Feb, I wind up getting sick, or having piss-poor weather to drive through, or just wind up not being in the mood to socialize. But last weekend, I headed north to visit elsaf and spend a couple of days with her and judiang.

The original plan was to stay till Monday, but the rescheduled school day put paid to that idea. So instead I drove up Friday and left on Sunday. I had hoped to stay until after lunch on Sunday, but Michigan decided it wanted a February snow storm, and I timed the departure to give me the best weather for the drive down. I left at noon and only got a bit of snow in Toledo and a small amount of sleet in Findlay (which I mostly missed by eating lunch in Findlay).

Our one full day together allowed us to have lunch at Uncle Harry's deli (mmmm, matzo ball soup and sauerkraut sandwich! - it was a vegetarian Reuben, so basically a sauerkraut sandwich and it was very yummy!) and see The King's Speech. We all agreed it was an excellent film. That evening, Elsa christened her kitchen proper (our main reason for the visit) by cooking us and her bro & sil some lamb shanks, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and pear halves cooked in Merlot and served with ice cream. Excellent meal and actually not too bad for Weight Watchers Points (as best as I could determine).

Anyway, March starts this week, which means that Winter still isn't over and could dish us out other days off if it so decides. But we're even closer to Spring (and Spring Break for that matter), which is a very good thing indeed.
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