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Photos of another time...

One of the projects I've been doing these days when I've been unable to go into work (basically, we went in Monday and that was it for the week) is scanning in negatives from the Bad Old Days when I had to use film to take photographs.

A couple of years ago dad and I co-purchased a nice slide/negative scanner (plustek OpticFilm 7200) and a staticmaster brush (with polonium!) so that we could each scan in our slides & film negatives. I had it for awhile and barely did anything with it, so then I let dad use it and he pretty much scanned everything that he wanted to. So I decided to give it another go, starting with my 1998 trip to Australia & New Zealand. I've now got 5 of the 14 (!!!) rolls scanned, and have 120 photos thus far. Alas, I'm disappointed that the images aren't as crisp as I've gotten used to with today's goof proof digital cameras. But I've found a few photos that I really like so far.

My favorite so far is an odd little shot. It's from Sydney Harbor and isn't a typical tourist shot. But I loved the play of the colors. I fiddled about with Photoshop to see if I could exaggerate the colors some, so I'll let you decide if I'm just odd, or if you, too, think it's a nifty little shot.

Seagulls at Sydney Harbor.

I decided to include a shot of me sitting in front of Mrs Macquarie's Road, just for grins. One of the few shots of me in all of the rolls, thankfully. :-)

Me and Mrs Macquarie's Road.

I've included two others as well.

A sailboat at the harbor.

Sydney at night.
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