Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

Yet Another Weather Post

Ah, the joy of winter means loads of Internet posts about the weather. And this one is no different.

Well, yesterday the Ick did indeed come. We wound up with about half an inch of ice on the ground. Then last night, the winds came up strong and blew all of the ice off the trees in front of my house. Blew it all at my house. I woke up around 3am thinking the kitties were body slamming each other on the floor (yes, they do that from time to time), but no kitties were to be found. (They were both sitting quietly in the living room). Then I realized all the ruckus was being caused by ice slamming against the front of my house.

This morning, I saw lots of little ice shards on my front porch & front lawn. Heh. (And oddly enough, no ice on the tree branches.) Thankfully, power has been on continuously (despite a few flickers) and I only lost Internet late last night and it returned late this morning.

I managed to get all of my grading done that I had brought home, though I had forgotten to bring my gradebook home. Thankfully, I was able to log onto Progress Book and enter the grades directly into that. I love living in the 21st Century.

We've already gotten the call that we have no school again tomorrow. So yay, another day off. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to finishing my application for Advance College Project - a program whereby I'd be teaching chemistry to juniors, and they'd be able to get college credit for it (from Indiana University). I think it sounds exciting and could be a great opportunity for our students. Here's hoping I get the job!
Tags: acp, weather
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