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The Eye Candy Diet

Several weeks ago, I started my Portion Control Project and I can say that things have been going smoothly (albeit slowly, but it's better that way, I think). Before the Gallifrey 2004 weekend, I'd lost 4lbs and I figured that during the course of the weekend, I'd gain those 4lbs back since I'd be doing no real exercise and would probably be eating a lot. But what happened instead was what I've decided to call the Eye Candy Diet...

The girls and I would get up in the morning and then go to Beeps or Denny's for breakfast. I'd eat a hearty meal (provided they brought me my food, but that's another story) and then we'd head back to the hotel to sit and watch panels or stand in line for autographs. But during the course of this panel-watching and autograph waiting, there was plenty of Eye Candy to feast upon. Not only was there Paul McGann, whom many at the con found to be very Eye Candy-ish, but I had me #1 drool-fest feller there as well, Sylvester McCoy. And hell, Janet Fielding's still very tasty, there's no denying that. (Check out my new icon for a lovely photo of the pair of 'em.) So I never got hungry during the day and we never went for lunch (didn't have time either). Eventually, we'd settle down enough to get a decent Japanese meal somewhere and that would be supper.

I weighed myself this morning after being on the Eye Candy Diet and sure enough, I'd dropped another pound! Woohoo! Let's hear it for Eye Candy!

I've been trying to remember more bits from various panels which I could report on here, so here's some that I thought of since my last post.

During the Sylv & Janet panel (while I've got this icon going) someone asked both who would they cast as the Doctor if they were producers for the new series. Janet balked (as she did with all "would you return to DW" style questions) and Sylv smiled widely and answered "Me!" Then he thought for a second and said "No, not me. I'd cast Janet," he said while pointing at her, "but then she'd decline and I'd cast me." :-)

When Janet kept complaining about the types of questions she was being asked (well, most of them were about whether she'd do a Big Finish audio, so I don't blame her) someone asked what sort of question would they wish the fans would ask them. "How much do you want me to make this check out to you?" was Sylv's answer. "Would you like a million dollars?" Janet agreed.

Hopefully I'll think of other moments later and can bore you with them as well. (I'm sure some of these things are a matter of "you should have been there!") I'm going back to work on photos. Of Eye Candy, of course!
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