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The Calm Before the Storm

Today was a sunny albeit chilly day. Although the walk into work this morning was a bit severe (even with corduroy pants - I was regretting not wearing long underwear as I turned the last block), the walk home was rather pleasant.

But tomorrow, it may all be icky. The forecast tonight is 100% chance of icky, tomorrow, 80% chance of icky, followed by tomorrow night 100% chance of icky changing to snow (or rain). We are currently in a Winter Storm Warning (it was a Watch all day today and has just been upgraded to Warning) and one of the local networks is saying this may be the Winter Storm of the Season!!!!oneone!!!

Although I'll believe that when I see it, I am a bit concerned about the chance of power outages. I have my cell phone and iPod charged up. I should do the same with my netbook. (OK, it's plugged in now.) My flashlight is charged and I have loads of candles (all nice & smelly candles). Oh, and I know where all my blankets are. I've also warned the cats, but they could care less.

If the weather is only half of what they're promising, we likely won't have school the next two days. And we've used up our 3 alloted calamity days for the year (the Friday after my last LJ post was another snow day), so any we miss now, we make up at the end. That isn't a big issue like it was last year. We don't have to be out of the school building by a certain date. And we now have air conditioning. So I ain't worried about that.

The wonderful coincidence about all of this is that it was February 1st or 2nd when I broke my arm 12 years ago - by slipping on the ice on my way into work. So I have no desire to go into work if there's any ice on the ground. No sense celebrating the anniversary with a new break, eh? ;-)

Anyhoo, for those of you also encountering this latest winter storm, or for those of you with other exciting weather issues, keep warm (or for you antipodeans, keep cool), keep safe, and try not to slip on the ice!
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