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Ice, Ice, Baby...

Surprise! Fog + freezing drizzle + temperature of 30°F = school is closed! The 2-hour delay call arrived a little after 5am today, so I happily (OK, groggily) turned off alarm A and turned on alarm B to get another hour of sleep. But then the closure call came at 8am, which is a bit later than usual for a close. I suspect the superintendent was hoping it would clear up in time, but the "freezing rain" warning lasts till 10am and the sun isn't up enough yet to start undoing the damage.

So happily, the power is still on, I'm up and hair is washed, and I now have a day off ahead of me. Calamity Days are often the best days off since you don't already have it full of plans like weekend days or vacation days. (And we poor teachers didn't get a day off on Monday. Still, the work day was pretty productive.)

I'll probably play some World of Warcrack (it's been taking over my life again. I should probably stop playing when my current 60-day card expires later this month) but I also hope to get a few other things done. Book inventory? Photo organization? I'm sure I'll think of something. :-) And when the weather clears up some, I need to get 'round to the folks' to help papa with a Pinnacle Studios question (no idea if I'll know the answer).
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