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And December Begins!

Today was our first half-decent snowfall of the season. Yay! This evening we were without power for about half an hour. Boo! But I spent the time reading on my cellphone, so that was OK. Yay!

Been busy of late, so I'll do a quicky summary.

  • Had the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off. Got some stuff done in the house, such as installing my blinds, which had been sitting around for ages. (Need to get more for the other winders.)

  • Thanksgiving was very nice. Made Thanksgiving cheeseball (which I also took to the staff carry-in the previous Tuesday) and sweet potato souffle. I also prepared two Market Day pies - Apple and a chocolate pecan cream pie that was quite a hit.

  • We held the Short gathering for Thanksgiving at the Clubhouse at mom & dad's community. Most of the family was able to attend - yay!

  • Didn't rush off to stores on Black Friday, just hung out all day with the parental units. I did some actual Christmas shopping after I got home that night and hung out at, Edmund Scientific, and other stores.

  • The weekend was a nice relaxing one with some exterior Christmas decorating (which has since fallen down - guess I didn't have the right sized Command strips...)

Keeping busy and avoiding productivity at home of late by playing World of Warcraft (and I've already pre-ordered Cataclysm!) Hopefully I will start productivity up again soon!
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