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And December Begins! - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
And December Begins!
Today was our first half-decent snowfall of the season. Yay! This evening we were without power for about half an hour. Boo! But I spent the time reading on my cellphone, so that was OK. Yay!

Been busy of late, so I'll do a quicky summary.

  • Had the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off. Got some stuff done in the house, such as installing my blinds, which had been sitting around for ages. (Need to get more for the other winders.)

  • Thanksgiving was very nice. Made Thanksgiving cheeseball (which I also took to the staff carry-in the previous Tuesday) and sweet potato souffle. I also prepared two Market Day pies - Apple and a chocolate pecan cream pie that was quite a hit.

  • We held the Short gathering for Thanksgiving at the Clubhouse at mom & dad's community. Most of the family was able to attend - yay!

  • Didn't rush off to stores on Black Friday, just hung out all day with the parental units. I did some actual Christmas shopping after I got home that night and hung out at Amazon.com, Edmund Scientific, and other stores.

  • The weekend was a nice relaxing one with some exterior Christmas decorating (which has since fallen down - guess I didn't have the right sized Command strips...)

Keeping busy and avoiding productivity at home of late by playing World of Warcraft (and I've already pre-ordered Cataclysm!) Hopefully I will start productivity up again soon!

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dark_pheonix From: dark_pheonix Date: December 4th, 2010 12:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
Out of curiosity, how many WOW characters do you have? Are you thinking of starting new ones to make use of the new races that are becoming playable?

Also, what's a command strip?

Happy (retrospective) thanksgiving!
trinalin From: trinalin Date: December 4th, 2010 01:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
I have one toon I play regularly (Alonzah) and last night she got to 80! This is the first time I've hit the level cap BEFORE they changed the level cap! (It goes up to 85 on Tuesday with the new expansion, which I've already pre-ordered.) I have 4 other Alliance toons that I used to play in semi-regular fashion until I decided to focus on Alonzah. Plus I have one Horde toon that is languishing at level 14.

When Cataclysm comes out Tuesday, I'm making me a Worgen (Werewolf). Haven't decided on the name yet. Like the majority of my toons, she'll be a hunter. (Oddly enough, the majority of City of Heroes toons I have are either controllers or masterminds. So I guess I like having someone do all the work for me. Even in gaming I'm lazy!) I think she'll start out with a Mastiff (automatically) but I'll switch to a fox once I'm able. :-)

Alonzah is an elf and her main pet is a lion (Leo, of course), but she's also got a black spotted saber cat (Kitty), a purple dinosaur (Fluffy), and a newly trained gorilla (Whale - it's an inside joke that MAYBE my sister would get if she thought about it long enough...) I can get a 5th active pet in another level or two. I found purple spiders yesterday that are trainable - maybe I'll get a purple spider, just cuz. ;-)

As for Command strips - 3M, a chemical company that does adhesives and other things, has these nifty sticky strips (and accompanying hooks) that leave no residue when removed properly. The trouble with the exterior of my house (in addition to being colder than they recommend for installation) is that it's got grooves - so not as much surface area to stick on. So I wasn't sure if they'd work. The wreath lasted 2 days and the garland 3. I bought the next size up for each and we'll see how long these new ones last. If they fail, I guess I'll have to hammer nails or screw hooks into my new exterior. Was hoping to avoid that!

Thanks for the post-holiday wishes! I send you many pre-holiday wishes for the upcoming festivities! (And a special thanks for the package which arrived awhile ago and will be opened Christmas morning! Can't remember if I've thanked you for it already, but you can never have too much gratitude, IMO...)
rembrandt13 From: rembrandt13 Date: December 5th, 2010 01:13 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank you for the clarification re: command strips. :)

Mind you, I'm feeling slightly annoyed at you only having a power outage for half an hour--our shortest has been about six hours--but then again, you live in civilization (also not discounting the possibility that your power company workers are simply more competent and swiftly-acting than ours are).

Imagining a cross between my mom's chocolate cream pie and her pecan pie, I am now trying not to drool on myself. :D~~~~~
trinalin From: trinalin Date: December 5th, 2010 02:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
The sad thing about the power outage is that it was created by a car wreck just a couple blocks away. (There were two in the area that night, but only one was responsible for the outage.) Apparently my end of town sees fewer power outages than the other side (which is where the school is). But this particular one put all of Pleasant Hill out of power, even some of the farmers in the outlying areas. But thankfully, DP&L is pretty decent about getting our power back up promptly.

(After Hurricane Ike hit us way back when - the only hurricane to reach this far with any oomph - we had one section of town that didn't get their power back for almost a week. Thankfully not my section!)

As for the pie, it was a layered affair. Crust, then a thin layer like pecan pie innards, then a cheesecake like layer, then the chocolate cream layer followed by whipped cream layer and sprinkles of pecans and drizzles of chocolate & caramel on top. It was pretty decadent.
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