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The Weekend before Thanksgiving... - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
The Weekend before Thanksgiving...
I've had a very nice weekend. Yesterday was just lots of fun and today was somewhat productive. And then I have a two day work week and then 5-day weekend. So yay me! (And if you're wondering what possessed me to use my "Spring!" icon, it's cuz I had one of my windows & back door open today. Lovely weather!)

I wound up heading to mom & dad's on Friday evening in order to help dad with a computer issue (trying to copy a DVD we'd made before). He offered me free supper in the form of Hothead Burritos, so of course I said "yes!" :-)

After dinner, mom and I made plans for the next morning. I'd wanted to see the new Harry Potter movie during opening weekend, and the folks were willing to come along as well. (We're all fans of the movies and dad and I enjoyed the books as well.) We decided on the first showing of the flick, which would cost us only $4.50 each at the theater in Piqua (which is nicer, or at least has nice seats, than the one in Troy).

So Saturday morning, I didn't sleep in as much as I usually do and was at the folks' by 10am. We got to the theater an hour or so before it began (it was an 11:15am showing), but the theater itself wasn't open yet. So we stood in line with the other folks who were there. It was foggy and chilly, but not really unpleasant.

After half an hour or so outside, employees finally opened the door. Dad paid for our tickets (yay!) and mom bought popcorn & drinks (yay!) and we got seats about 4 rows from the screen. The place was full, but the audience was respectful. I, apparently, was the loudest laugher in the theater. At least mom claims the people in the front row looked back whenever I laughed... (OK, so I'm used to going to movies which no one else attends...)

We all enjoyed the movie. It apparently works well without having read the book before since mom found it comprehensible. I thought it did a great job of including as much as it did as well as gearing us up for the final part. I may catch it in the theater one more time before it moves to the small screen.

Lunch was at the pizza place formerly known as Cassano's. Piqua's Cassano's was one of our family favorites, (the only Cassano's we liked) but it is now Beppo Uno. We ordered the deluxe (now classico) with half no onions. It was yummy, but not quite the same as the pizza from Cassano's. Their breadsticks were wonderful. So we'll keep in on our list of restaurants to visit. (Oh, and for you folks keeping score, I contributed moolah to the purchase of lunch - I'm not a complete moocher! Well, actually I am a moocher, but I'm a generous one.)

Next was our trip to JoAnn's where I was looking for a number of things, some of which I found. I got curtain rods for my bedroom (even though I haven't finished putting up the ones for my living/dining room), some craft supplies for Christmas gifts, and something to use in my Advanced Science class (Styrofoam cones, if you're curious). We popped home so mom could check e-mail in case Amy sent her a list of books she wanted for Christmas. No e-mail, but that didn't stop us from heading off to the Bookstore.

Each late autumn, Jay and Mary's Book Center has a 20% off sale weekend. And this weekend was the one. I found my children's Christmas Book for the season (I've been buying one each year), a gift for my cousin Braden, and something for another relative which I won't mention more details about. I've also figured out what I'm getting my little cousins (who aren't so little any more) on the other side of the family.

I eventually made my way home with my purchases and vegged for the rest of the night. Then this morning, I slept in a bit to make up for yesterday. I got laundry done, including my bedroom curtains, swapped out the sheets on my bed (from winter flannels to Xmas flannels), listened to the latest Big Finish audio (mmmm, Sylv!), put up the new bedroom curtain rods, ironed the curtains, then hung those too. I also edited together the chemistry videos from my students into one DVD for showing this week. Phew - that's a lot of work for lazy ol' me!

So that was my weekend before Thanksgiving. I hope you folks have been having a nice time as well. :-)
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