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Bachelor Dad Weekend

I've had some family intensive weekends of late, which is a good thing in my case. Last weekend, Amy was visiting for a brief spell. Mom, Amy and I spent most of Sunday playing cards around at my Aunt Becky's, which was a blast, and got quite a bit of quality Amy time. She left on Tuesday and then mom headed down to Florida with some of her friends on Wednesday. So I've had Bachelor Dad to entertain since then.

So Wednesday night, dad and I christened things off with dinner at Applebee's. We took Thursday off to be rested up for the weekend, then Friday evening, we went to LeDoux's for supper. And both of us had leftovers. Mmmmm!

The major plan for Bachelor Dad weekend was heading off to a Jesus Seminar on the Road in Ft. Wayne, IN on Saturday. When mom's home, we usually head to Ft. Wayne on Friday afternoon, go to the Friday evening workshop, spend a night in a hotel, then attend the Saturday sessions. With no mommy, we opted to just do the Saturday thing. So dad arrived around 7am on Saturday morning, then I drove us (in mom's car) to Ft. Wayne with father's excellent navigation. We got there with half an hour to kill, so I availed myself to Second Breakfast and chatting with some of the folks who'd been at the previous evening's workshop.

Charlie Hedrick and Hal Taussig were the scholars presenting at this JSOR. They talked about Jesus' quips and parables (I always likes me some Parable Talk) and stuff like that. Not a lot of new stuff for me. And I managed to make dad laugh a few times with my own quips, which I'd carefully written down in my scribbled doodles. My phone's been being a butthead lately and I couldn't keep myself on task by playing Bejeweled, so I did it by incessently doodling. (And when I stopped doodling, my feet started tapping, so it was good that I doodled most of the time.)

We found a Chinese Buffet nearby for lunch and returned for the afternoon sessions. But we arrived back at the church early and the doors were locked. So we stood outside (it was chilly, but still pleasant) waiting. A lady who had arrived for a do happening at the church later that day (in their art gallery) saw us head to the door and brought her box of stuff, only to be disappointed that we didn't have keys. It wasn't long before someone with keys returned, however.

After lunch, dad got to do his "Come to Jesus (Seminar)" talk and introduced Westar's new webmaster - which is me. Not that I've done anything yet. But hopefully I'll be getting them hooked up with a Drupal-based site. Make it much easier for them to do up-to-date announcements, etc. The sessions were done at 4pm, and soon after, dad and I headed back home.

We stopped in Celina on the way home and ate at Taco Hell for supper, then returned home in conditions as dark as when we'd left earlier that day. We had decided to meet for lunch at my place today (eating our cajun leftovers from Friday) and then go to the Model Train Show at Hara Arena. So that's just what we did today. Yay, model train shows rock!

Usually when we go to the Model Train Show, we just look and usually don't buy anything. But today we stayed for several minutes at a tool stall which had loads of nifty tools. And they had the exact same digital calipers which I bought for school, only at a third of the price I paid for 'em. So I bought two more and dad bought one for himself. Quite nice. Digital calipers for $20. They even gave us spare batteries.

Anyhoo, I've been back home for awhile and have been doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and that sort of domestic stuff. Dad will be picking mom and some of her trip friends up tomorrow evening. I'll probably get to see mom on Tuesday - yay, mom! I had a very nice weekend with Bachelor dad, but it's always good when mom's back too. :-)
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