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Autumn Colors

On Sunday, I took a walk at Bruckner Nature Center in order to enjoy the autumnal colors. Not a lot of red this season (too dry, perhaps?), but the oranges, yellows, and browns were out in force. It was a pleasant temperature. Every man and his brother was out, but thankfully we spaced ourselves far enough away for the most part. Here are some of the photos which I took during the outing.

Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors
My favorite photo of the day. When scrolling through the images, this one made me pause.

Autumn Flowers
Autumn Flowers
Flowers still showing off in autumn.

Squirrel Overpass<
Squirrel Overpass
This tree was over the path and I watched a squirrel run over it to avoid running on the path. Clever squirrels to install a path overpass.

Sea of Trees<
Sea of Trees
Bruckner is a sea of trees - and currently a sea of orange trees, for the most part. (Soon to be bare trees. Then snowy trees.)

Don't Look Down!
Don't Look Down!
The path I took this time had a stairway at the end. I much preferred going down the stairs than I would have going up.

Beaver Shack?<
Beaver Shack?
Not sure who or what built this little shack, but it's cute (even if it isn't one of my better photos).

More Colorful Trees
More Colorful Trees
And a final colorful shot from the nature center.
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