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Thesis Published Online (sort of)!

I couldn't figure out what the hold-up was with ProQuest in publishing the Open Access version of my Masters Thesis. I'd received the hardbound copy (and a paperback which I'd ordered for dad) and yet the online version still wasn't up at their Open Access site. So I e-mailed them the other day and got a response back saying it takes 10-12 weeks to get the info up on the site & indexed, but that she figured it would be available within another day or two.

Well, it's up now. I think. The trouble is, I can't access it on my Linux box. Dunno if it's because I'm using a non-Adobe program for opening PDFs or whatever. Who knows, it may not work even on Winders machines. (I'll try it on my Winders partition tomorrow.) Whether it works in Winders or not, I'm going to e-mail ProQuest and ask why something that is supposedly Open Access can't be accessed from a Linux machine. (I paid lots of money to make this sucker Open Access. I want people to be able to get a hold of it! Not that anyone would want to, but still! Knowledge should be FREE! Heh.)

If any of you want to give it a look, feel free to check it out. (Hey, at least the Abstract works.)

Trina's Masterpiece Masters Thesis.
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