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First Day of School 2010

First day of school! New building! New laboratory!

Today was a good day. We had perfect attendance. The superintendent spoke to the student body impressing upon them the historical significance of the day. The HS principal presented rings to the State-Champion Softball Team (rock on!) and their coaches - who all got a standing ovation from the entire student body (and rightly so!) Then the HS split off from the Elementary and we were given the usual first day pep talk, followed by a not so usual tour of the new school building (broken up into groups).

My numbers for the year are a bit smaller than usual, but with an increased enrollment this year, I suspect the numbers will start to get back up to where they once were. 13 kids in period 1 chem, 15 in period 3 chem, 15 in physics, and 10 in advanced problems in science. This may change a little, but hopefully not too much!

This evening, as per tradition (and I do so likes me some tradition), the folks and I went out to Frisch's Big Boy for supper. I had a Big Boy platter with onion rings & baked apples. Yum! And then the hot fudge cake (no cherry) for dessert. So, no surprise there.

Anyhoo, have a stonking great sinus jaw-ache (not headache, surprisingly) so I'm gonna medicate (let's hear it for sinus pills, yay!) & then relax for the rest of the evening. Hope the rest of the year goes as nicely as today!
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