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School starts WHEN?!?!?

Can I just say, for the record, that I'm glad I'm in the new building rather than the '99 addition. The poor teachers who teach in there won't have access to their rooms until next week. But I've been working in mine since we got back from Minnesota.

Thankfully, all of the boxes which I packed did find their way to my room. And today I discovered my record player in the media center when I was dropping off the 1000 paper cranes (which, sadly, may no longer have 1000) which I'd stored hung up over the summer (rather than see them stuffed into a storage box). So I may actually have all of my supplies! Yay! (Oh, there are things I can't find, but I'm hopeful they're around somewhere!)

Anyhoo, despite almost 2 weeks worth of unpacking & storing, I ain't done yet. (Thankfully, neither are the other two science teachers, though they're ahead of me!) It only dawned on me today to take photos of the mess I've got to sort out. So here are two slightly blurry, washed out photos of my lab as of this morning. (Cell phone cameras are nice, but not ideal...)

A long way to go...
A long way to go...
As can be seen in this shot, my lab isn't ready yet for school. (But, it's in better shape than it had been at the start of the week!)
Classroom side view
Classroom side view
There was a bit of this view in the other shot, but I wanted a shot that focused on just the classroom side. So, who was the bright gal who didn't ask for bookshelves when designing this room? Oh, right, that would be ME.

Due to the waxing of our hallway tomorrow, I have a 3 day weekend. Yay! ;-)
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