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Fall Wardrobe at a Discount!

School is approaching soon, so on Saturday, I decided to do my annual Fall Wardrobe Shopping. I'd already ordered bras (TMI!) from earlier in the summer, but still needed undies & socks and some new shirts. Felt I was OK regarding slacks, though I did try a couple of pairs on (alas, no pockets!)

Anyhoo, I wound up having an excellent shopping day on Saturday. Mom and I went to Kohl's with a 30% off everything coupon and I found all the undies & socks that I needed, plus several shirts and a cardigan (I sang "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" when I tried it on). Thanks to the sales prices and the 30% off coupon, I wound up saving more than I spent. Indeed, I wound up saving 58% on my purchases. Woohoo! (My advice, never buy anything at Kohl's that's not on sale...)

Once my fall wardrobe was loaded in the car, we picked dad up and had lunch at LeDoux's (good cajun food). We all ordered po'boys (mine was shrimp, mom's crabcake, and dad's catfish) and had some hush puppies as well. Then on to Piqua to Jo-Ann's for curtain rods.

With the new window installed in my house, I needed (or rather, mother suggested that I buy) new curtain rods. Thankfully, Jo-Ann's was having a sale on curtain rods. I picked out a style that I liked and got 4 - one for the main window, the other 3 for the other living room windows. I also picked up 3 pillar candles that smelled lovely (and were also on sale).

Mother spotted a sign that said that Sat & Sun were Teacher Appreciation Days at Jo-Ann's. So I looked around my wallet for anything that would prove I was a teacher. And yay, I had my NSTA card! The cashier accepted that as evidence and gave me 20% off the order, plus a free tote and a 15% off card to be used throughout the year. So I continued my savings spree, this time saving 52% off of original prices. Nice. (I appreciate stores that appreciate teachers!)

Home Depot & the Evil Empire didn't have mahoosive sale prices etc for me. But I picked up several supplies at both places before returning my parental units to their house. I stayed for a nice supper of chicken salad, corn on the cob, and peach shortcake. Yum!

I spent time on Sunday sorting through my current wardrobe and removing things that were wearing (or worn) out. I've also put several t-shirts into long term storage since I own far too many t-shirts (no thanks to!) But now I think I'm sartorially ready for school!
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