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A visit from the girls

In my life, there are two sets of people I call "the girls" and context is everything. When talking about Amy & Rachel, they're "the girls." Also when talking about judiang and elsaf, they're "the girls." In this particular case, I'm talking about the latter. (Though next week, the folks and I are going to be visiting the girls, and I'll mean the former.)

Judi arrived Friday and I picked her up from the airport. We had lunch at Steak & Shake, popped into Meijer for a few supplies for the weekend, popped back at my house so I could talk to the guys working on the house, then finally made our way to the Lake (stopping at Wagner's for ice and a few more supplies).

The folks were already there (I'm usually late to my own parties), so I spent some time chatting with them. Then Becky and Dean arrived and we chatted more. Then I fixed supper - grilled hot dogs & hamburgers. Mom brought macaroni salad and some dips for chips. Then Becky, Judi, mom and I played two games of pinochle, which Judi and I won. Woohoo!

By 11pm, though, Judi and I were alone again. We geeked out on the computers for a bit, then headed for bed.

We got up a bit late yesterday and eventually headed to Waffle House in Sidney for a late breakfast (aka, a brunch). A return to the Lake for more vegging, reading, and computing. Elsa didn't arrive until 4 or so, and the folks arrived soon after. I didn't get around to the grocery yet for more supplies (I'm not very efficient on the supply front) so I did that while everyone got stuff ready for supper. (See, I suck at this being hostess thing.)

When I'd returned, I grilled the ribs which Elsa had prepared ahead of time (and grilled them to her specifications) and we ate wonderful ribs w/ a bourbon barbecue sauce and fresh corn on the cob (supplied by mom from a local farmer's market). Tasty tasty, and very filling. The folks headed out before dark and missed out on dessert (but assured me they were too full). I then stoked up the fire and the girls and I sat out & watched it burn down.

Once we returned indoors, we had dutch apple pie ala mode (courtesy of Wagner's grocery). I finally watched ep 1 of Sherlock before going to sleep. Hopefully we'll get to see ep 2 tonight.

For breakfast this morning, Elsa made us pancakes (blueberry pancakes) and sausage. Right now, Judi's napping, Elsa's knitting, and I'm typing this up. We may go see Inception later today. It's very lovely here at the Lake this weekend.
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