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If you want to find me, look in the lab!

On Friday, the staff were given a tour of the new building, and I finally got to to see my lab with the permanent furniture in it. It's just as I planned it (yay!) so I'm quite excited. Looks like we'll get to start working in our rooms in early August. So once the folks and I return from our visit to see Amy & Rachel (yay - A&R!), I'll be able to start unpacking.

My new lab, let me show you it!

The lab side of my classroom. There are 24 stations (48 drawers), gas, water (hot & cold), electricity. There's a way cool fume hood (with a sink!) and a safety station (eyewash & shower). Wow, an eyewash station in the lab! How cool is that?

My desk/demo station. I've got water & gas as well!

Demo table from my POV. There's even a filing drawer. I'll have a computer on the desk, too.

The chemical storage room. Lots of storage for the chemicals. And the huge flammables & acid cabinets - wow!

The sink & safety station in the storage room. There's also a skellington cabinet and microscope cabinet for the biology teacher.

The loose furnishings will arrive next week. I'll be getting desks similar to what I had in the original building (but without asbestos in the table tops). Seeing my lab has gotten me excited about school starting again! :-)
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