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New Washer & Dryer - woohoo!

Home Depot (or rather the delivery people they contract out to) delivered my washer & dryer today - yay! Of course, there was still another Old House problem that thwarted us, but not to the point where I had to send 'em away stuff undelivered.

In the original set up, the washer was on the right and the dryer on the left. But if you look at today's front-loading washer & dryers, the doors always open the other way around. So I figured I'd always have the doors in each others way when I used them.

Except... LG is quite a stickler for how things get installed on site. And they won't allow any drain extension. The way the original was set up, the washer was farther from the drain than the dryer, and there was a cobbled-together drain extension for it. The guys installing the items suggested swapping the two. I was concerned about the duct for the dryer, but they said that wouldn't be a problem (and it wasn't).

Unfortunately, Old House Syndrome struck when removing the old drain extension. The rubber must have been glued into the pipe, so he was unable to remove it. Indeed, it broke off, leaving some of the rubber still in the drain. No matter, I'll have my plumber fix stuff when he returns to solder my outside faucet back on (once the builders have replace the wood behind it). For now, the washer is draining into the sump.

Currently, the pair are going through their first runs. The dryer has to burn off oil for the first run and the washer has to flush out anti-mold stuff on its first run. I'll read the instructions shortly and then do a load of laundry - woohoo! (OK, I don't think I've ever said "woohoo!" about doing laundry before. Man, have I become domesticated or what?)

Hee hee - just heard the washing machine singing its "I'm done!" song. Guess I can run a load of laundry now!
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