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"I'd fallen in love with a sixpence" - Sylvester McCoy

Ah, today (which is, actually, yesterday) was a great day. We're all back at the hotel and we've got versaphile visiting, too. We started with breakfast at Beeps and then we got back to the hotel for a day sitting in the main panel room. Emily from PMEB had saved seats for quite a few of the PMEBers, so we had seats in the first and second row. We watched the Big Finish panel, then Paul Darrow, then Mojo (where I left for a bit to go to the dealer's room), and finally it was time for the McGann & Fisher panel. So lots of photos taken.

Now, most of the PMEBers then left to the McGann autograph session, but not I. No, I needed to watch the Sylvester McCoy panel. Much fun! frobisher was next to me, so I didn't feel all alone. ;-) I got to ask the first question (helped to be in the first row) which was about how he could remember all the different voices that he does while reading children's books. He said that he reads through the book then highlights with different colors the different characters.

One story that he told which I'd not heard before was about his Roundhouse days when he accidentally got high (thanks to a cake baked by a friend) and before he was done counting out the money for the day, he'd fallen in love with a sixpence. My favorite quote of the day.

After the session, I headed off to the autograph area to see the PMEBers and get in line for McCoy. Steph also needed to get autographs, so we got in the very long line. I got a Yee Jee Tso auto ($15 for the photo) and a Sylv auto ($20 for the photo - eek!) Then we dumped our stuff in the room, Steph changed into a lovely sari, and we returned to the ballroom for the Janet Fielding panel.

Janet's a pistol, as Judi says. I wish I could have seen the entire panel. And I look forward to the Sylv/Janet panel tomorrow. When she finished, Judi and I headed forward to our saved seats in the second row, and then the TVM panel began.

Philip Segal, Yee Jee, Sylv, and Paul all came up for their hour and a half panel, and we were greatly entertained. Sylv declared that he'd passed off the role of the Doctor to "Jesus." Paul said that Tom Baker needed "a check up from the neck up." Sylv's secret favorite TV program was Prisoner of Cell Block H while Paul prefers Johnny Bravo and The Powerpuff Girls. (He thinks he is Johnny Bravo when he looks at himself in the mirror. Was rather appropriate that he was wearing a tight black t-shirt.) Oh, and we found out the color of The Coat is GWEEN! In fact, it's "heather green" and Sylv was certain he'd once dated her.

After the panel, as many PMEBers as we could get crowded into the cafe and Paul joined us for a half an hour and was a perfect gentlemen. He even made Kate Orman's day by sitting beside her (and I know who sent him there - bwa ha ha!)

We headed off for supper at a Make Sushi, a damn fine sushi restaurant! I had $15 worth of sushi - ebi sushi, California roll, and lobster roll. (And even though I hadn't eaten all day, I was filled by the sushi and had to give Judi some of my lobster roll.)

When we got back, we sat in the bar for awhile so that Denise could watch Paul and I could watch Sylv sitting at the bar. I got a strawberry daiquiri with vodka in lieu of rum, but it was very vodka-y and I didn't like it (nor did I finish it). But I bought the round of drinks - wehey!

Then we headed back to the room and we've been chatting for ages. So, to repeat myself, today was a great day! :-)
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