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Siding Happens

Been a few days since I last posted an update to my summer siding project. But I've got some nice photos to share today! They got the house wrapped before the weekend, which means I haven't seen out my windows since then. Heh. They finished the soffits, then added fascia, and next trim. And today the siding arrived, so they've started installing it on the garage. I've also got a side door on my garage - that's never happened in its lifetime. The garage door has also arrived, but they probably won't get to that until tomorrow.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you got to read about my abortive attempt at getting my new washer & dryer. I called my plumber yesterday afternoon and left a message with his wife. He called this morning and came around to do the repairs needed. (The shut off valves had corroded and the dryer was directed hooked to the 220-V line.) He fixed those issues, and another one I was having with my outdoor faucet. So I called the delivery company, and they'll attempt another delivery tomorrow. Here's hoping it works this time!

Anyhoo, enough domestry, let's get to some photos!

My house is covered in weather wrap!

Exterior view of house wrap. And a pre-soffit shot. (They reinforced those beams before installing the new soffits.)

The new soffits installed with holes for the vents.

I also get a new porch ceiling!

Fascia & trim on the garage!

New siding! A side door! A spot for the garage light! Woot!

Back of the garage is complete for lap siding.

New window for the garage, and its trim.

It won't be long before I can change my "Home Sweet Home" icon! :-)
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