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Nekkid House

Things are progressing on my New Siding Project. No new siding yet, but all of the old stuff is off both the garage and the house!

Yesterday, Jeff and the boys got the garage squared up as best as was possible. It had been adjusted before, badly, (bits were trimmed off rather than the garage twisted back to square), but now it's looking good. Plywood all around, and a Tyvek-style weather wrap.

Once the garage was squared and reinforced, they started removing the siding from the house. They finished the back of the house and the north side yesterday. They finished the front and south side today. Then they took off all of the window trim. Tomorrow, they wrap the house (after foaming the gaps in my windows). Hopefully they'll start on soffits tomorrow too. :-)

The HardiPlank siding will be arriving next week (they have enough for the trim so far), as will the garage door. The picture window & sliding back door, however, aren't due to arrive until the last week of July - eep!

I let dad buy my lunch today as I drove him to Piqua so that I could buy a garage door opener from Sears. I also got my front light and garage light (outside) at Home Depot while we were in town. The garage door opener was on sale! Woot!

So, here are the photos from yesterday and today:

Using boards, block & tackle, and OSB, the garage was made square & more secure.

Before they put up new supports in the garage.

After they put up new supports. My ceiling seems higher! The roof no longer sags!

The front of my house sans flower box.

The back of my house sans siding.

Even the house had teal gables!

The front of the house sans siding and screen door. A nekkid house!

I feel sorry for my poor nekkid house! And there's a chance of rain tonight - go figure! But tomorrow it'll at least get a nice 84 lumber weather wrap, so it should be OK at that time.
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