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The Cruise Diary

As I mentioned before, I kept a diary of our days on the cruise. I've been posting them, with photos, for the past week and a bit, and finally have them all up. (Although the text was already written, I needed to sort through & edit photos. Or else I'd've been done ages ago!)

So, here are the entries on the cruise. You can, if you feel like it, read through each (though, I warn you they are LONG!), or just look at the photos. Or just skip it all. That's what's so nice about the 'net. You don't have to read what other people post. :-)

Although I was worried about our flight back, I didn't need to be. Turns out Princess has disembarkation down to a science. Mom and I had our last breakfast on the cruise ship, then headed to the casino where our disembarkation group (the first one) was to meet. elsaf joined us too. I missed saying good bye to judiang, alas. (I should have made my farewells the night before, but wasn't thinking properly. Probably was hoping if I didn't say good-bye, we wouldn't have to split up!)

Anyway, they got us off the ship, our bags were waiting for us in the cruise building, then we got on a bus which drove us to the airport. I'd checked in the day before (expensively with their Wifi connection) and so we printed off our boarding passes, checked our bags, then went to our gate. Elsa joined us soon after - her plane was departing an hour later than ours, but from the same general area. The flight to Atlanta and the one to home were both just fine (thought Atlanta to Dayton was late) and dad met us at the airport. And so did our bags! So all in all, a smooth trip, and definitely a fun one.
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