Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

Lucky Lucky Lavender, my foot!

Well, actually, it's Dim Sum Plum on my feet and Lucky Lucky Lavender on my fingers...

In anticipation of the cruise that we're going on starting Sunday (wow, already?!?), mom and I went to get our toenails & fingernails dun up purty. Miami Jacobs college has a beauty salon/spa thingy within walking distance of mom's place, so after the Tastefully Simple party at M&D's complex last night, I spent the night. And this morning, mom & I walked to the salon for our pedicures & manicures.

Although I have put fingernail polish on myself before (and I think someone else), it's been years & years. And I've never gotten a manicure or pedicure. So today was quite a treat. But due to my lack of experience, I boogered up my fingernails on several occasions. Before we left the salon, I screwed up both thumbs and my right pointer finger. They fixed 'em and mom & I headed out.

Except... Well, they had this dish of peppermints on the desk. I was quite sure I could reach in and get one without screwing up my nails... And I would have been successful, too, had one of the peppermints not jumped onto my right pointer finger. I was too embarrassed to have them repair it, so mom squished it as best as she could when we got home, but we decided if we could find some Lucky Lucky Lavender O.P.I. nail polish, I'd buy some. (The salon was on their last bottle & almost out as it was.)

We did a bit of shopping at Kohl's where I found a more formal looking shirt & some dressy t-shirts for the cruise. And at Kroger, we found some Lucky Lucky Lavender (after trying 2 other nail shops to no avail). Mom fixed up my nail & went outside to relax & read. And before 5 minutes was up, I'd boogered it up again! I wasn't trying to, it just happened!. So she tried again, and this time I managed to avoid touching it before it had dried completely.

Basically, I suck at fingernail polishing! (Toes, OTOH, seem to be just fine.) We're taking the LLL & Dim Sum Plum on the cruise with us, in case we need to reapply during the cruise. Hopefully not...

I imagine my communication once the cruise has begun will be sporadic at best. I'm still debating whether to take my Dell Mini on the trip (I'd like to keep a diary of the trip and that would be an easy way), but even if I do, wifi likely costs moolah onboard so I won't get on often to update. No idea if my cell phone will work abroad, so might not even be texting tweets. (But if I can, I will. Even if they are 50 cents each.)

So y'all have fun this week! I know I'm going to!
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