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Moving Right Along

First off, thanks to dad for all of his help in sorting lab equipment and today packing stuff. One of the English teachers came by today and helped by unhooking the computers in my lab & wrapping glassware. She rocks! My student assistant (well, because the rest of her class were seniors) has been a great help as well. So yay for people who can help!

I got home tonight around 8pm. The only breaks I had were lunch with dad at McDonald's (yay Big Mac & fries!) and then a short stop home to change clothes after school was let out. The rest of the time I was either teaching, teaching & packing, packing, sorting, or moving stuff down to the girl's varsity locker room where the science & art teachers can store stuff (like chemicals) over the summer rather than have 'em packed in the storage pods by the movers. (I've got tons of boxes already there and dad and I packed several more today.)

Once dad left, I had lots of times of "oh crap, forgot that!" and finished moving my chemicals to the temporary storage. I think I've got everything either packed, moved, ready to move (on carts), or ready for selling. I finish tomorrow while the students work on chromatography (the last lab of the year - yay!) My checkout time is 10:15am and I think I'll have what I need done for that. I do want to stage stuff for the auction and will be utilizing my 2nd period study hall kids for that. Lucky kids!

Anyhoo, tomorrow's the last day of school. Saturday is the auction. I hope to bid on (& win) my chalkboard. I want to put that up on my wall in the basement. I think I'll also bid on my teacher chair - it's in better shape than my office chair. The auctioneers are going from room to room, starting with the 3rd floor. I feel for those auctioneers - they're gonna be hoarse before the day is out!

Apologies to folks who've been responding to my posts but haven't been getting responses from me. Freedom is just around the corner! Then I can actually think of something other than Masters theses and packing glassware! Yay! (Oh wait, there's a cruise in there too... But that's a good thing.)
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