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Not raving, but drowning...

Although my thesis is done & defended, I'm still drowning here in Stuff To Be Done. Haven't even started looking at the Getting Thesis Published stuff yet. Mostly been worrying about packing for the move, getting ready for the town garage sale (that was yesterday - sold lots of stuff & took that which didn't sell to Goodwill today), and avoiding grading papers (I'm very good at that, apparently). Plus World of Warcrack has my soul again.

So anyway, last weekend I dropped my camera during a tour of the new school building. It no longer can detect memory cards. (It was my first digital camera, only 3MP, and has had a good life. To be honest, I was more worried about the XD card in it. Which was OK - photos have been saved off of it thanks to a universal card reader of dad's.) So I decided to order a new one. After my research and a chance to hold one in my hand, I ordered a Canon A1100IS (in green!) and it arrived this week. Love it so far!

While in an ordery mood, I also decided to finally buy a Blu-ray player. Went with LG's BD570 which has Wi-Fi and a USB port. I decided to do this since NetFlix steaming has been fun so far (via the Wii) and I'd like to be able to stream high def content too. The Blu-ray player should arrive tomorrow.

The day before my camera arrived, my graduation present for myself arrived - Adobe CS4 Web Premium. I ordered it the day CS5 was announced, so I'll be getting a free upgrade to CS5. :-) Let's hear it for academic discounts!

I just looked at my calendar for this week and it gave me the shivers. So much to do and so little time! But it'll happen. Somehow I'll make it happen. (It's good that the seniors are done for the most part - I'll have those periods to pack & get caught up on grading and all that jazz.) The new classroom/lab is gonna be so worth all this hassle!
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