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Livejournal Dreaming

It's weird, but any time I get into a different aspect of the Internet and all the glory that it has to offer, I end up having dreams relating to it. I've had dreams where I'm IRCing people, where I've been chatting in some sort of IM, and now I've been dreaming about some LJers.

I meant to write about this particular dream yesterday. I dreamed that a friend from Scotland, Caz, was visiting me and mom. (She's never met my mom, actually.) Then the three of us leave beautiful Ohio and head for beautiful UK where we're going to meet up with shebit and the_ladylark. (In real life, Caz has also not met those two, as far as I know.) So we get to their apartment complex (to which I've never been - if it's even an apartment complex) and talk the lady at the front desk into letting me call up to the room. We're buzzed up and enter into one of the more psychedelic rooms I've ever dreamed about. The room was decked out in black light images and was dark other than that. There were sheets everywhere on the walls giving the place a billowing look. Then shebit took us into her small bedroom and I marveled at her computer stuff. (Geeks dream about computers, see...) Then I awoke, confused as you might guess.

And last night, I had a dream involving not only an LJer, but a former student of mine. Both rolled into one, actually. jesuishadley was on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, or something like that, and I was watching the show. Partly live and partly on TV. And I was showing her off to dad. "See, that's Hadley - remember her?" and stuff like that. And I remember saying "Well, that explains her one of her LJ posts" which had implied something about money coming her way. So I figured she went on to winning some money in WWTBAM. Well done, Hadley! ;-)
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