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As I just tweeted, like planet Earth, my thesis IS DEFENDED! :-)

Apart from a bit of "oh was I supposed to call you?" going on at the start, I connected with my adviser and his consultant (who's the director of the Science and the Public program). I presented an Impress presentation (think open source PowerPoint) and then answered questions. They want me to have the university publish my thesis and even suggested sending an article or two to Science and Children, a journal for intermediate level science teachers. Woohoo!

It was rather fun. I did the presentation on mom's laptop since she's got an onboard webcam. I did it in dad's den with his bookshelves as the background (excellent background). And afterwards, the folks and I went out to celebrate with some etouffee and bread pudding at LeDoux's. Since LeDoux's is one of the few restaurants too far away to walk, we went for a walk after supper. Now I'm home and still a bit high from the experience. Woohoo!
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