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Glorious Weather

After a winter that decided Snow was In this year, we now have a spring that thinks that Decent Weather is In. I be liking this spring! (I liked the winter, too. Heh.)

I've been enjoying the lovely weather these past couple of weeks. And it's currently looking like next week will be a nice one, too. It's allowing me to take nice long walks around town. And today, I went to Troy and mom and I walked from her place to downtown. Took about 45 minutes to get to the Night Sky Cafe. Excellent walk.

Dad was in a phone meeting (not a meeting about phones, but a meeting on the phone). So mom and I ordered iced coffee drinks (mine sans coffee) and an appetizer while waiting. Dad arrived during the appetizer. Then we had lunch. Thanks to rereading Thud! I wound up with a craving for a wonderful BLT. (Vimes gets a BLT with lots of B and very little L & T - the best kind there is - so I got all BLT-wishy last night.) Ordered a half sandwich and a cup of broccoli cheese soup. Yummy yummy.

Mom and I decided to walk back (despite being completely full) and we found a short cut that got us home in 35 minutes. Lovely walk, gorgeous weather, pretty town.

After lunch, I fiddled about on mom's laptop getting ready for my MASTER'S THESIS DEFENSE! Yes, I'm finally gonna finish this sucker! Wednesday at 4pm (technology willing!) I'll be Skyping to my university and defending my thesis. So, um, I guess I should write my Powerpoint-style presentation or something... (I'll use Impress instead.)

I now have a Skype handle, though I'm probably not going to be on Skype much beyond this defense. (Unless I decide it's a Must Have. I think for a Must Have it ought to be something more Open Source-y.) Still, if you want to know my Skype handle, lemme know and I'll share it with ye. (It isn't what you think it is, most likely.)

Tomorrow should be another lovely day, so when I'm not doing laundry, cleaning house, or working on my presentation, I'll be talking walks through town. :-)
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