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The 2010 Chili Champ!

To my great surprise and pleasure, I wound up winning tonight's Chili Cookoff. (See photo of trophy below.) There were 5 chilis in the running. They were all tasty (as usual - we haven't had a lousy one yet in the years I've been coming). But in the end, mine got the most votes! Go me! I think Gary was a little miffed that I beat him. (It's one thing, he said, to be beaten by someone his own age, but to be beaten by a younger person...) It helps that Moe didn't have her 6-time winning recipe there. (Apparently she agreed not to enter the contest if Gary did a long-term sub for her husband earlier this year. Heh.)

Still, to put me and Moe in our places, we played 2 games of pool against Gary and Garry and lost both of them. Then Michael and Moe tried against the two Gar(r)y's and lost as well.

We all had a lovely time at Gary & Marcia's and I am stuffed to the gills with not only excellent chili, but also fabulous desserts. Mmmmmm!

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