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This has been a good March! - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
This has been a good March!
Happy First Day of Spring! May your daylight equal your night time today!

I tried to tell the seniors that after the holidays, time was gonna FLY. They didn't believe me then, but I think they are beginning to. March is just zipping by. Though the days may seem normal (or even slow) you quickly realize how fast the months themselves are flying.

So here we are just past mid-March and things have been especially good to the Short household.

Last Thursday, as I reported here, I turned in my Thesis. (Thanks to all you well-wishers! Being done has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders!) My adviser has reviewed it and pronounced it "overall in good shape." After this weekend, I'll make the changes which he suggested and get a better discussion section (most of what I'd put in Discussion should have gone in the Findings, apparently).

On Monday, mom and dad closed on their old home. Yay, they sold it! And on Wednesday, they closed on their new house. And then on Thursday, Amy drove into town!

I'm currently at the parentals' house with Amy. I took yesterday off work in order to hang with the family. (She's worth getting a sub for.) We've been having mucho fun. :-)

Thursday, I got off work, did a bit more cleaning in my house (litter box, for example), then headed to Troy. Amy's car (well, really Rachel's car) was parked outside the house. Yay! Amy & Jason were there (she picked up Jason in Chicago and they drove down together). We took a walk around the neighborhood, then had supper. And then spent the evening playing games - Rummikub and Banagrams. Amy and Jason kicked butt.

Friday morning, Jason headed up to Shelby County to visit with his folks (in my car) and we headed to my house so Amy could look over the stuff she'll be taking back with her. She sorted through her stuffed toys and we got 2 bags of stuffed toys to give to Good Will (and added a box of similar toys from my closet). Then we headed to Kent's Wood Fired Steaks for lunch.

I'd told the folks last weekend that we needed to celebrate our recent successes and I wanted to take us all out for dinner. And we decided to wait til Amy was with us. So yesterday's lunch was my treat. We all ordered steaks and an alcoholic beverage and the meal, as always, was lovely. Amy asked if she could contribute the tip, which I agreed to.

We popped into Kohl's for a bit of shopping - Amy got gym shoes, I got travel PJs, and mom bought some outfits for our upcoming cruise (oh yea, we organized one of those this week too...) Then we dropped the stuffed critters at Good Will and headed home.

Amy filmed some old family photos with mom describing the people in the photos. And we discovered mom's great at remembering uncles' names, but aunts who married into the family, not so much. (I was just glad mom & dad had few siblings and thus Amy and I don't have as many relatives to remember as they did.) We also went on another walk and this time got a couple of movies to watch from a Red Box in the Kroger's behind their house.

Back at home, we watched Inglourious Basterds, which was a bizarre but entertaining (albeit icky at times) movie. Then we started Duplicity, but as people started to pass out due to exhaustion (or, rather, fall asleep), we decided to stop the movie and continue in the morning (or as it will turn out, afternoon, probably).

Today we're off to Piqua for a little more shopping, then tonight we've invited mom's brothers around for supper. Looks like neither may make it, but my cousin Patty ought to be able to. Tomorrow will be another game day with Aunt Becky and Deanna coming to play games, with Jason returning as well.

We know how to have fun in this family!

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hergrace From: hergrace Date: March 20th, 2010 04:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
I do so enjoy reading your family's adventures. It reminds me a bit of mine. We live farther apart, but when we get together we have a great, fun time with each other.

Hoorah for theses, sold houses and bought houses! *hugs* to Amy (and hello to Jason, whose designs are lovely).

Oh - Inglorious Basterds - terrific film, I must agree, but on the big screen it was so intense I figured I could wait a long, long time before I watched it again. Loved the climax, tho!
rembrandt13 From: rembrandt13 Date: March 21st, 2010 11:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
Awww, it sounds like you had a great time--and why wouldn't you?! Short family gatherings invariably seem to be funner 'n a barrel of monkeys...uhm, only with less crap-flinging, one presumes. ;)

Totally hear you on the family pictures thing too. My auntie came up last week with a (circa-1924) Whitman's tin full of old photos and it was great fun going through them--I snagged a bunch to scan, too--but only Auntie could identify most of the people, so I told her she needs to go through and write something on the back of the pictures just so we'll have some idea who these people were! (I usually can only pick out my grandmother because I inherited her beak and dimples; thankfully, she usually is the prettiest one too, though. :)
From: mmunro Date: March 25th, 2010 06:46 pm (UTC) (Link)


Ms. Short you told me the same thing my senior that after spring break it would fly, I did not believe that but its true it did fly and sometimes I miss being in all my science classes... I still tell people that Physics is Phun
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