Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

Recipe Request

I love homemade Chex mix (though I rarely use Chex brand cereals to make it - thank goodness for generics). And I make it very well (if I do say so myself). :-)

However, I'd like to try something new, I think. So I'm asking you wonderful flist folk out there for your favorite savory snack mix recipes. High fiber would be wonderful, lower calorie/fat content would be good too. (One reason my Chex mix is so yummy, IMO, is that I use butter. Not low cal/low fat, but damn yummy.) I'm not adverse to a bit of sweet in it, but the main purpose of this is to accompany my packed lunches as a savory side with a bit of fiber.

So go on, wow me with your favorite recipes. My lunches could use a punch up. :-)
Tags: food
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