Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

A Pleasant February

For some reason, February is usually my worst month of the year. You'd think a short month wouldn't have such an affect on me, but it usually does.

Usually, it's cloudy, rainy, cold, with little snow (but often with ice). We usually have few breaks in school at this time and spring break looks so far away. Valentine's Day arrives and reminds me that I'm single and likely always will be (most months this isn't a problem, but add that to a dreary mood and there ya go). Past couple of years have had my folks in California.

But this year it's been a good February. The Olympics, of course, is a mood improver for me. We've had 6 days off due to SNOW (yesterday and today being Calamity Days 7 & 8). The folks may have moved last November, but only to the next town over. Heh. VD came & went with little fuss.

So this has been a good February. I like having a positive mood for February. Oh sure, I'll be a little sad that we have no Spring Break this year, but hey, Feb's almost over, and then it's basically March and April and we're done!

Today was especially indulgent. I watched the first curling match for the US today on TV, while also watching Great Britain's first match on my laptop. And I've even been working toward my thesis. Go figure!

Women's curling starts shortly. Woohoo! I'll double-dip that as well. :-)
Tags: olympics, snow day
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