Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short


I own a high def TV, but am too cheap to pay for high def stations from my overpriced cable company. (I just don't watch enough TV to make it worth the extra moolah.) So I figured mom would be interested in watching tonight's opening ceremony and invited myself around to her place. Cuz she not only has a high def TV (even bigger than mine) but also has high def channels.

So here I sit on mom's sofa with the high def NBC station on. And soon the ceremony will begin - woohoo! (I think mom got captured by her laptop upstairs. I'll be sure to call her down before the ceremony actually starts.)

For those curious, we did wind up missing school yesterday. So I finished my last book evaluation and now I just have to write the thesis. (Only that, heh.) We'll have one day to make up (at least - we're not even halfway through February), but that's not until April. Heh. Watch me grumble then.
Tags: olympics
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