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Calamity Days #4 & 5

It came as no surprise to me that we wound up getting yesterday and today off due to the weather. And we've been called for tomorrow that we're on a 2-hour delay. But hey, maybe we'll actually get in to school tomorrow!

The thing I'm amazed at is how I actually get anything done when I work during the day. I mean, on these days off, I feel like I haven't gotten a lot extra accomplished than I would have done had I worked. Heh. I think I must have - for one thing, I'm down to my last book to evaluate for my thesis. But I only just finished grading the physics tests today, and haven't even started on the chemistry tests. Heh. Lazy butt, look it up in the dictionary and you'll see me.

It's a good thing that I'm almost done with the book evaluations - and not just cuz the Olympics start on Friday. I'm down to the last few pink post-it notes. Those are the ones I was using for the chemistry related benchmarks. Blue, green, and orange for the physics ones (they split physics into three sections). When I go to re-evaluate one of my first books (to check for internal consistency), I'll have to use fluorescent green or something. ;-)

Anyhoo, Linus is stretched out on my lap, ready for me to get back to work, so I guess I'd better. Hopefully I'll get to work tomorrow and become productive or something. :-)
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