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Calamity Day #3

I imagine that our superintendent really didn't want to have to call off school today. We need to get out the first week of May so that they can tear our old building down to make the parking lot for the new one. Making up calamity days will not help this. Still, student safety is his first concern, so he makes the decisions with that at the forefront.

So, today we had our third day off due to bad weather (or gas transfer, as happened on MLK Jr Day). And we're under another Winter Storm Warning beginning late tonight until Wednesday. I'm sure he's hoping to at least get us into the building tomorrow, even if he has to later release us early. It'll all depend on when the storm hits and if it's actually what they're promising.

The time off has been good for me in terms of my Master's Thesis. I'm now down to my last book to read and evaluate. I should be reading it right now, but I decided instead to type this up. Yay for procrastination.

I was just thinking how nice it would have been to have played WoW or CoH all day today, but, alas, not until I've finished this paper. Maybe we'll get a few snow days next year and I can faff about playing video games. :-)

Oh, I took some photos after the storm, which I may post later this week. Perhaps with photos of the results of the next one. (OK, so I still like the stuff - even after shoveling a bit of it today. In March I may be less inclined to like it.)
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