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Check? Check!

Back when I was looking through my credit card bills to find donations I made for doing my taxes (I like deductions), I discovered a check that had been stored with them, rather than being put into my checking account. It was medical reimbursement from Flexwin and the check was dated August something or other. And it stated that the check would be void after 90 days. Whoops!

Well, our school no longer uses Flexwin for medical reimbursement, we use another company instead. So I did a bit of searching online and found a phone number, called it, left a message with someone who might know what I could do, and an hour later, had a return call. The lady that I spoke to told me to send the old check and they'd recut me a new one. And you know what? She was right! The newly cut check arrived this week and I intend to actually DEPOSIT it this time!

Geez, you know you're independently wealthy when you can let checks expire before depositing them...
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