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Thesis Update

Although I met my first deadline for my self-imposed schedule on my Thesis writing (well, missed it by 1 day - that's good for me!), I've been behind ever since. For some reason, I thought I'd actually get a lot of work done over the holidays. Ha!

However, I do think I'll be able to get this done. As of tonight, I am more than halfway through the books I'm evaluating for my thesis. (9 out of 17 read & evaluated.) I intend to read book 10 tonight - maybe even get it evaluated too since it's pretty short. There are a few long books yet to come, but also some short ones.

My new deadline for completing the book evaluations is February 12. The Olympics start that date, plus it's the month before my university-imposed deadline of March 12 for the receipt of the final paper. My goal is then to watch Olympics while writing up my findings, fixing and updating the proposal portion, and finishing up the thesis paper. I intend to mail it to my adviser by March 1st. (Though you can see I've got almost 2 weeks from that date to still Git 'Er Done!)

The university also says I need to defend my thesis by April 9th. And then, for the most part, I'll be done. If I want to have the thing published (I'll decide when it's finished if I do), I've got until early May to finalize things. But I'm figuring, early April and I'm done!

Currently, Linus and Lucy are draped on my lap and sleeping (well, Lucy's opened her eyes and is looking around, but I'm sure she'll be sleeping again shortly). We all agree that we like spending quality time in the comfy chair in the library. Definitely going to get a lot of reading done for fun in here once this is all over with. :-)
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