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Dragon Puzzle Pix

Dragon Puzzle
Dragon Puzzle
Elsa gave me a 3D Dragon Puzzle for Christmas this year. I had decided that my first snow day, I'd build it. And yesterday, build it I did!


Second view of Dragon Puzzle
Second view of Dragon Puzzle
This is shot at a slightly different angle to see the nose stuff. (Other things on that shelf, balance toys, Sylvester McCoy pencil sketch which I did ages ago, baby photo of me, and photo of me & Judi on the Millennium Force ride from Cedar Point.)


A view of my Den Corner
A view of my Den Corner
Lots of stuff in that little nook (including plenty of Sylv photos, plus some family photos). All my webcomic books & stuffed toys are there. And, alas, from this view you can't see the Adipose that Steph gave me last year for Christmas. (It's hiding behind Bunny and sitting next to Dick the Warlock.)

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