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First Snow Day of 2010

Yesterday, the original plan was to have parent/teacher conferences and all of us poor teachers at work from 7:30am til 7:30pm. But then, it began to snow. It started snowing before 1st period was over and just kept going.

Before lunch, the superintendent came and asked me to post on our website that we'd be dismissing early and that parent/teacher conferences would be rescheduled for next Thursday. Yay, early dismissal!

I walked home (I like walking in the snow, even though it was blowing in my face quite a bit) and enjoyed my afternoon off. Then last night, we got a phone call that we'd be on a 2-hour delay today. So I stayed up a bit later and set my secondary alarm (which is for an hour later than usual - I always go in a bit early on 2-hour delays).

But then around 6am this morning, we got the call that school was closed. So I (and the cats) slept in until 9:30am. I love a snow day. It's a day you don't have any specific plans for (other than teaching), so you can get things done you might not usually get done.

So today I took down the Christmas tree and many of my decorations. (I'll finish tomorrow.) I shoveled my steps and walkway (someone nice on our block snow-blowed the entire sidewalk) and walked to the post office. I played Beatles Rock Band and exercised on the Wii. I watched the entire disc of Mawdryn Undead while I ate supper and then put together the dragon puzzle that elsaf gave me for Christmas. And now I'm writing this and will soon be finishing up another book for my thesis.

Snow days are a wonderful luxury. :-)
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