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Buh Bye 2009! Hola 2010!

Can you believe it? I'm 39 today! Pretty nifty.

This has been a very busy holiday. Been having a great time with my family and with elsaf and judiang.

Have seen Avatar and it was pretty amazing. I was a little nauseous afterward, but not enough to prevent my enjoyment. (I'll probably not watch it in 3D again.)

We had a party last night at mom & dad's clubhouse. Mucho fun and Judi was quite impressed. Declared it superior to the one in her apartment complex.

Currently watching the Rose Parade (nice of those folks in Pasadena to put on a parade for my birthday every year!) while cooking dinner. Pork and kraut are cooking in the oven, taters are boiling on the stove (to be mashed later), beer bread warming on the stove top. The folks, Amy, and Rachel will be coming around 1pm. Judi's snoozing while I exclaim about neat floats. Elsa, alas, is driving home. She has to work later tonight.

After lunch, we'll play with the Wii. Should be fun. (Beatles Rock Band is mucho fun!)

Oooooh! Bootiful float going by. Dragon! Got the International award.

Should get back to paying attention to the parade.

BTW, question for any Rock Band fans out there: Is there any way to get multiple nicknames in the game? Right now, when we pick instruments, they all say "trinalin1," "trinalin2," etc.
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