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The Shorts win at Christmas Again!

My Christmas season is mostly all post Christmas this year. Christmas Day was just time for the kitties to open their stockings & me to open their present. They got cat toys in the stockings and a new water fountain and a new litter box mat as their present. They liked the cat toys and were "eh" about the other gifts.

Mom, Dad and I went to Tokyo Peking for lunch, and it was tasty, tasty. Our plan was then to go see Sherlock Holmes, but it was sold out when we got to the theater. No matter, we made plans to watch the 7pm showing. This was a good plan - we all enjoyed the flick.

The 26th was the Christmas party for mom's side of the family. We had a nice time at my Aunt Charlene's. Lots of good food, plenty of conversation, and seeing cousins I don't get to see very often. The girls (first cousins, once removed) are all taller than me now (or nearly) and all pretty. I had picked up some wooden boxes for them then wood-burned designs on 'em and stained them. They all turned out nice. (Took photos and will post one of these days.) Had also baked some beer bread for the adult ladies present (aunts & first cousins). Returned home that night to do laundry (I'd stayed at mom & dad's for Christmas night).

Yesterday, I got back to the folks early in the morning so that by 9am we could zip up north & east to meet with Amy & Rachel and Rachel's dad (who was driving them there from his place in PA). The girls had picked a place that was about halfway between them and us. So we just had a two & a half hour drive or so. We left early so we got there early. We met at Troyer's Dutch Heritage Restaurant (and gift shop). Good place to meet up & eat.

We all ordered the buffet, but alas, Rachel's dad had to get back to PA for a party that he & Rachel's mom were attending (along with their two exchange students). (Alas, Rachel's mom wasn't feeling well enough for the 5+ hour car ride, so we didn't get to see her again.) The food was good, and then we headed back home.

After a short stop in Columbus so Amy could see her old apartment complex again, we got back on the road and then the snow began. Pretty much as soon as we got into Miami County, the snow started. And didn't stop for many hours. We wound up with over 3" of snow.

After a bit of a rest at the house, we loaded the car with gifts & cookies for dad's side of the family. More gifts were exchanged (especially for my cousin, whose birthday was yesterday. I made sure to get her a present specifically for her b-day and wrap it in regular paper because it's annoying to get birthday presents wrapped in holiday wrap. It's an identity thing or something.)

As I'd mentioned, it was snowing. And the roads were pretty bad when we headed back to the house. But mom was driving (and she's actually had to drive in crappy weather before, unlike me & dad who are teachers) and she got us home safely (and slowly). We then relaxed and watched the Da Vinci Code. And then bedtime.

Today was Christmas for us. Although none of us were late risers, we got started a bit late. After stockings and then breakfast, we started present opening. It was 9:58am. We go in order, starting with the youngest (Rachel). I passed out one present at a time, so we could savor the unwrapping. And there was a bit of a break midway. But at noon, we were finished. Mom had the most pressies (no surprise there!) but dad fared well too. And I made out like a bandit.

I am now the proud owner of Beatles Rock Band. And I also got a microphone, a guitar, and a drum set for the Wii. Sweet! Also got some DVDs (yay, the War Games!), a book, some CDs, and some nice clothes. Amy & Rachel also got me some herbs from their garden and a University of Minnesota sweat shirt (which is where Rachel is attending for her Masters degree).

Mom, Amy, Rachel and I went to Hothead Burritos for lunch, and picked up a Subway sub for dad. Now we're vegging. Amy's balancing her checkbook, Rachel's on her laptop getting caught up on Facebook and e-mail, and I'm writing this.

Tomorrow, elsaf and judiang will arrive, for even more Christmas fun! So yay, Christmas!
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