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Baking Day 2009 (day 1)

It's either because mom & I are getting older or because we like to bake far too much stuff (probably a combo of the two) but Baking Day now takes more than 1 day to do.

Today we couldn't start first thing in the morning because I still had to go in to work. But we had an early dismissal (planned), so I told the folks to expect me for lunch.

I got to Troy around 1pm and we headed off to Night Sky Cafe for lunch. They have a lunch buffet, which we all took advantage of. I like their broccoli soup (even though it's rather thick) and it was on the buffet. Baked tater (topped with chili & cheese), salads, and baked goods rounded out the filling lunch.

We popped into Kohl's for a bit - I got a couple of Xmas towels (for my guests coming next week), slippers for wearing at mom & dad's place, and some wrapping paper (since I'm almost out).

But once we returned to the house, mom and I got down to business. She began baking her Icebox Cookies (butterscotch cookies) which she'd made the night before. I started on the Peanut Butter Fudge. (This is a first for us this year.)

Once the fudge was done, we made the cookie dough for Lindy Cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip cookies) and then the batter for Aunt Alma's Pecan Cookies. The pecan cookies are the stickiest thing we make and our first attempt using heavy wax paper on an old cookie sheet didn't work too well. But Kitchen Aid cookie sheets worked fairly well.

During the Lindy Cookies baking time, we decided we were ready for supper. We all had ham sammiches and nachos. Then back to chocolate chip cookie baking. Mom then made the batter for cheesecake cupcakes. In fact, they've just finished baking. Yay!

Tomorrow, we'll do a few other things - Peanut Butter Blossoms (aka nipple cookies), Cracker Jacks, sugar cookies (from Market Day - the fun here is in the decorating), and lemon bars (a store bought mix). There's Good Eats here, I tell ya! :-)
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