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Query for Wii Owners

So I've been working on my Wishlist for a few days now (mom wanted her part of my list done in time for Cyber Monday) and one thing I think I'd like (and hopefully judiang would like) is a nice Wi-Fi ready Wii game. It would be fun to play against (or with) Judi online with our respective Wiis.

Way back when she first coerced me to loving the game console (via purchasing it for herself and having me help set it up) we discussed Wi-Fi games and wondered if there was a decent Wi-Fi Tennis game. (We both enjoyed Tennis in WiiSports.) I read about one game that had good reviews for the tennis play aspect, but felt that the Wi-Fi was too laggy. So now I'm turning to my friends list for more ideas. (And if you have Wii-fanatic friends, please ask them for their opinion.)

What Wi-Fi enabled Wii games are out there that Judi and I should consider getting this season? Or is there something up & coming we should hold out for?

And in other Wii-related querydom... Thanks to purchasing the Internet Channel way back when I bought my own Wii, I now have the opportunity to get my 500 WiiPoints back by downloading one of their WiiConsole games for free. (It's not all of the 500-point WiiConsole games, but most of 'em.) I already own Galaga (it was the no-brainer purchase back when I first installed the console), so I have to find something else to get for free. But I was never much of a console player, so I am unfamiliar with most of the games on the list. So again, I'll take advice on WiiConsole games in the 500 point range which you'd recommend. (Examples: Donkey Kong, Kid Icarus, Legend of Zelda & Zelda 2, Xevious). I was sad to discover that, yes, they finally added Dig Dug, but dammit, it's 600 points. Tsk.

Thanks in advance for any advice you have for me or that you can elicit from your friends!
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