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Thanksgiving 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you playing at home (or wherever)!

The kitties approve of the new Ikea furniture. Currently we are all sitting in the recliner and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Well, I'm watching it, Linus is watching me, and Lucy is sleeping with her head facing the TV.

I do think Linus suspects something about the old furniture - he spent a lot of time yesterday in the old pink recliner, which will make its way to mom & dad's old garage later today.

Yesterday I enjoyed my day off mostly by cleaning the house, getting ready for the new furniture delivery, watching Fantastic Mr Fox, having Chinese fud for a late lunch, and more house cleaning. It was a good day.

As for Fantastic Mr Fox, I haven't decided yet if I liked the movie or not. I enjoyed the animation, but my love of the original novel is affecting my feelings for the movie. Would I have enjoyed the movie had I not been a fan of the original book? Dunno yet. (Took me awhile to decide whether I liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - and it had two beloved predecessors to fight against. I finally decided I liked the movie but really didn't care for Depp in the movie.)

Anyhoo, after the parade, I intend to decorate for Christmas. With one of the greatest movies ever - Miracle on 34th Street. Such a fine film! Tonight for supper we go to Aunt Becky's for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm bringing a cheeseball which I did make and a peach pie which I didn't.

I really need to get up, turn the heat up (since it's set for Trina at Work mode), and get some breakfast. But Lucy looks so comfy! (Linus has since hopped off to do whatever it is Linus does.)
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